NSCDA Scarf (Pre-Order)

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This is a pre-order item. It is expected to ship within 3 weeks after placing your order. 

Crafted by the internationally acclaimed designer, Marisol Deluna. This scarf features widely researched symbols, Pantone colors, and other authentic details that convey the rich history and symbolism of our National Society.

The center of the scarf features the majestic eagle, chosen in 1782 for its long life and great strength by the Second Continental Congress, as the emblem of the United States of America.  Above the eagle are three stars representing American patriotism. These stars also represent the National Projects in which our members participate: Patriotic Service, Historical Activities, and Museum Properties. Under the eagle is the founding date of The National Society, a reminder of its longevity and continued importance in today’s world.

Each corner features the Seal of The National Society.  Within the Seal lies a shield with quadrants representing the medieval coats-of-arms of the royal families of France, Sweden, Holland, and England (clockwise from top right).  Two of the important heraldic symbols represented are the fleur-de-lis, the beautiful yellow iris that grew wild from June to September across Europe in medieval times, as well as the lion, the king of beasts, representing bravery, valor, strength, and royalty. The lions are either passant (walking) or rampant (standing.)

Centered on the sides of the scarf is the Badge of The National Society. It consists of a disc with a center figure of a Dame. Above the Dame the eagle appears again indicating the strength of our membership.  Surrounding the Dame are twenty gold rays, with three in each group plus a center one, surmounted with stars representing the original thirteen colonies.  On the back of the Badge is engraved “Virtutes Majorum Filiae Conservant meaning, “Daughters Conserve the Virtues of Their Ancestors.”

On the large square around the center of the scarf you will find the pins of the original thirteen Societies as well as the pin of the District of Columbia, the Domicile Society, or legal residence of The National Society.