Matthew Harris Jouett: 1788 - 1827 His Life & Work

Matthew Harris Jouett: 1788 - 1827 His Life & Work

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Matthew Harris Jouett has long been regarded as the most legendary artist in Kentucky history. That legend has attracted a voluminous oral history of misinformation obscuring the true facts of his life and challenging the credibility of works attributed to him. This publication consists of a critical biography of his life which defines his development as an artist within the context of his own time; an account of the interest in his art since the time of his death; and an illustrated checklist of work whose corroborating literature and historic authenticity are as indisputable as possible. It is offered as a guidebook to knowing more fully, and truthfully, the achievements of an artist whose profound talent and painterly skills resulted in portraits that gaze down through the ages with secure self-awareness and polite regard.


"Of all this book's contributions, the most valuable may be Pennington's painstaking research to compile the most complete and accurate catalog ever published of Jouett's work, in some cases correcting attributions and setting straight legends handed down through generations of Kentucky families."

- Tom Eblen

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